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Comparing Narrative in Fiction and Non-Fiction In this comparative essay, I will be comparing the short story, (1)Jose Armas’, “A Delicate Balance” and a non-fiction work, (2) Philip Ross’, “ The Boy and the Bank Officer”. These works are very interesting to read and I was able to understand the theme that each author was trying to get across to the readers. I chose these works based on their similar plot, similar characters, and their unique conclusions. These two works were also a joy to read and it was brief and to the point. There were three characters in these works; in (1) there was the protagonist, Seferino, the antagonist, Romero, and a neutral character, Barelas. In (2) there was the protagonist, Philip Ross, the antagonist, a…show more content…
Both of the works that were compared had a lot of suspense. The suspense was there when a conflict arose. The height of the suspense in each of the works was in the falling action because that is where we see that the situation can go either way, it could be a good or bad outcome, and we the audience have no idea, until the end and we see the clear path that the story will take. In (2) we see that Philip establishes his credibility because he was actually a witness to what was going on and the story doesn’t seem fictitious because there was never any real resolution, the boy still wasn’t able to get his money, but the conflict was finished. In (1), the author doesn’t have to establish any credibility because he’s trying to convey a certain message or theme to the audience and this is done in telling a story that has no reality. When we look at (1), we see that the story is completely narrated, we are told about what each character does and how they fit into their roles. We are shown that there is dialogue between the characters. It give us the feeling that we are observers that see the action taking place right in front of us. In (2), we are given a bit of narration in the beginning to set up the time and place, but there is a lot of dialogue mixed with narration that helps us to see how the story is developing. The tone in (1) is steady, when the dialogue is shown between the characters we see clearly when one is angry at

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