Comparative Essay : Greek Mythology

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Comparative Essay of Persephone in Modern Films Many films in the modern era have taking inspiration from Greek Mythology. Greek Mythology is a good source for script writers because it includes ancient engaging stories which relates to human life. Hence, through the anthropocentrism of myth human feelings, emotions, and philosophical ideas are expressed which can be captivating to the film audience. One of such myths is the myth of Persephone. The re-telling of this usually depicts Persephone with her counterpart, Hades, the God of the underworld, who had an infatuation with her. Per Hesiod, he kidnapped whilst playing in a meadow and brought her to the underworld to be the Queen. Demeter’s, Persephone’s mother, quest to save her…show more content…
Through manipulation and deceit, she voluntarily fell in love with Ares (the false image of Ares, he wanted her to believe). Through this she was bounded to him. Whilst, in the myth, Hades kidnapped Persephone and used deceit manifested in a pomegranate to bound Persephone to him. Secondly, both Persephone’s were pulled to the dark side. In the film, Persephone kills her sister, Alexa, for love. Whilst doing so, she states a quote, “in the instant of danger the courage of his heart sustains him and the steadiness of his mind beareth him out. Forgive me, … the heart wants what the heart wants.” This act of betrayal marked Persephone’s transition to the dark side. Similarly, in the myth Persephone act of leaving her mom Demeter every six months causing winter to the underworld is a transition to the dark side. Lastly, both are submissive characters. In the film, through Persephone is a strong warrior, the scriptwriter chose her being a woman to be her flaw. Just like Persephone in the myth she also had separation anxiety (distress). Her distress was not due her separation from her mother but rather from man. In the moment before her death, she states “[we Amazonians] were denied one [(a life)] of families and children. Yes, Hippolyta the Amazons are warriors, but we… are women too”. To portray Persephone as a tragic antagonist, the script writers related her to Persephone. Although fierce and
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