Comparative Essay On Twelfth Night

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What do the words “love,” trickery,” “misogyny,” and “madness” all have in common? They are a few general themes that embody Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, Twelfth Night. The story begins when the main character, Viola, finds herself shipwrecked off the coast of Illyria and begins her new life disguised as a man. Complications arise when she gets stuck in a confusing love triangle, and her thought-to-be-dead brother mysteriously arrives with his caretaker. When everything is said and done, all the happy couples celebrate and the Scrooge of the group, Malvolio, stays locked up in his secret little madhouse. This story has been modified for many uses such as the purpose of comprehension, parody, and modernization. I viewed two different versions: the first being the original script with young actors, and the second being a modern parody with young actors. The first version aims to provide accurate representation of Shakespeare’s work, with young actors for education. The second is purely comedic with a modern twist that is more ridiculous than it is realistic. The setting, word choice, and camera effects all contribute as adaptations from Shakespeare’s original Twelfth Night in order to entertain or educate their audience.
The setting is one such attribute that contributes to the specialization of each version. The first version takes place …show more content…

The first has a couple cameras placed far away from the scene, and they occasionally pan and zoom for a dramatic or calming effect. The second had cameras everywhere and went kind of crazy with the cutting and zooming. When Cesario and the Duke speak to each other on the sofa, the camera cuts to each character as soon as they speak. This back-and-forth motion helps create a whimsical experience for the audience. Dim lighting creates a dramatic exposure for the audience, and when a sudden burst of light appears, it can also be quite

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