Comparative Essay: “Original Creation of the Earth (the Big Bang vs. Sis Day Creation)” Phsc 210

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Marilynn Jones
Liberty University
PHSC 210-A17
Sonia Cooper Weeks
Adjunct Instructor Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Old - Earth View
III. Young - Earth View
IV. Compare and Contrast
V. Conclusion
Christians today have a biblical principle and opinion of the universe existence. Christians believe that God created earth and that he accomplished that in only six days. Genesis 1 explains the creation and the interpretation is so utterly clear and one writer states “Thus, any interpretation that goes beyond a clear plain meaning of the text is considered to compromise Biblical authority and capitulate to evolutionary theories”. One look at the Young Earth View is said to be formed from the Modern English
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The Masoretic text translated gives exact same number of Generations of Genesis. The Septuagint number varies. Both Old and New Earth agree with some facts that observes present nature of Rocks. They differ with the un-observed past and the facts viewed from history. Scientist tries to use historical reconstruction of the universe and they also use data research and analysis of empirical science. Our text book says “Historical reconstruction, however legitimate, is a totally different enterprise”.
Young - Earth View
The secular model to describe the way the universe is created and built is called the Big Bang.
It is said that the Big Bang Stories or origin is without a doubt totally fictional. Naturalism and Uniformitarianism is the main driven philosophies behind the Big Bang. It is the model used to describe the formation for the entire universe; it’s the process that is currently operating within the Universe. Big Bang - is also called a “Singularity” which contains Mass and energy that we see today. It’s said over time that the energy from this Theory began to cool down as the Universe began to expand. It is said by some that God used the Big Bang to create the Universe.
The evolutionary view shows that the most recent Big Bang happened or began 10-20 billion years ago. It is said that prior to that, matter and energy and the whole universe was condensed to a super-dense “comic egg” the size of the electron. It is now said that the cosmic egg
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