Comparative Essay on Uniformitarianism and Catasophism

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The Rise of Papacy The rise of the papacy came at a time when the Roman Empire collapsed and there was chaos as it related to the bishops who held office in Rome and what religion would be at the forefront of the representation of the west or east of Rome since its demise. The term “papacy” (papatus), meant to distinguish the Roman bishop’s office from all bishoprics (episcopatus), and The Head of the Roman Catholic Church the pope is considered the successor of Peter and the vicar of Christ (Elwell, p. 888). The “pope” is a terms of endearment which means “father” and this was the title of the most important and influential bishops in the early church. The church at Rome nevertheless enjoyed and wanted to preserve the original…show more content…
He used the income from various estates to pay the barbarians and he gave the churches, hospitals and schools. Pope Gregory I actively intervened in the affairs of other bishops by settling disputes which help elevate the Church of Rome back into the divine order and prestige of Papacy as the ruler of the city Rome. Pope Gregory had a heart of humility because he saw so Barbarian slaves in the Roman market and he sent Augustine Hippo to England to help them from bondage. By him sending Augustine it broke the chains and traditions of most popes in office and this was another way that the Papacy’s authority had increased in power and direct authority over missionaries and their territories. He is counted as one of the Church Fathers like Jerome, Augustine, an Ambrose. He has written books and a Gregorian chant. He is the epitome of what leadership in Rome and abroad looks like. Charlemagne and the Carolingians inherited land that retained some of the attributes of Roman administration, specifically laws and systems of taxation. The Frankish culture was not urban and as a result in the early Middle Ages we see a general decline of urban life. The reign of Charlemagne (742-814) was that of a transition from classical to medieval civilization. Charlemagne ruled the Frankish kingdom from 771-814 which is and was a forty years span because of the European expansion and the growth of people living in this area. His stability had staying power because he

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