Comparative Essay; to Kill a Mockingbird and the Colour Purple

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One Will Take What He Is Given The purpose of Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird is to demonstrate the hardships that are met when ignorance and tradition bring about the influence of sexism, racism and genuine prejudice to the general public. Ignorance is the root cause of prejudice as it prevents one to see beauty, so when it comes to dealing with the discriminating behavior held in this social order, the vast majority of people are judged by the label and stereotype society has given them, not by the kind of person they are inside. Nevertheless, through these corrupt societies, the protagonists are able to experience incredible journeys of courage, growth and love. Bravery and love is…show more content…
They believe that since she is a woman, she is not intelligent or worthy of respect. An example demonstrating her stepfathers inequality towards women is when he believes that Celie is incapable of learning; therefore deciding to pull her out of school. However, Shug Avery gives Celie the love and attention she deserves, unlike these men. Although unconventional, Shug acknowledges Celie’s presence and see’s in Celie what no one does; a beautiful, intellectual and independent woman. The color purple was chosen by Alice Walker in order to demonstrate Celie's struggle with men and also represents Celie's appreciation towards herself. Since purple is a very omnipotent and dominant color, it is considered to be a color that is to be an emblem of rank or authority. Normally, royalty or someone with a high social class would wear purple in order to represent their dominance and power. When one of Mr. _’s sister’s offers to buy Celie clothes, Celie replies “I think about what color Shug Avery would wear, she like a queen to me. So I say to Kate, Something purple.” (The Color Purple, pg 20) Being very vulnerable and weak at the beginning of the novel, Celie idolizes Shug Avery, “The Queen Bee”, and craves for a similar assertiveness. She considers Shug at equilibrium with royalty, assuming Shug would wear something purple to represent her aristocratic ways and to show off her superior attitude towards the

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