Comparative Government

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Ethnical and religious cleavages in central and eastern Europe Does Europe exist? Where should be the borders? Russia and Turkey had a big influence on Europe as well. They dispatched parts of Europe for a long time. Of course the path dependency is present in these regions. The process of European integration started later there. European identity is difficult to describe. Distinction between east and west means post-communism (eastern). Central Europe: Czechs feel like being central Europeans (since they don’t want to be part of eastern Europe.) idea of central Europe is based on Austrian-Hungarian-Empire + parts of Germany eg Bavaria. The link is also the way of making decisions, working, doing things, tradition, waking up early…show more content…
He controlled the country very strongly. Sultanistic regime behaved as he possessed the country. Family members in high positions cause whom else to trust. His wife was president of Romanian scientists. She was seen as the best scientist in the world (she probably never published anything but the population was told that she did). Nationalism was one of the basic tools of his regime. He tried to get rid of the Russian influence. His idea was to be really independent. So he paid all the debts and paid them with oil and food lack of electricity for the population, in the same time his palace was enlightened during the night. So the country was getting poorer and poorer as a consequence. To strengthen nationalism he suppressed minorities even more. Any opposition was imprisoned immediately. During the 80s any typewriter was registered by the police. End of the regime was connected with violence. Secret police (securitate) was kind of his private army. They wanted to imprison priests of Hungarian minorities in 1989 since they could still listen to Hungarian radio and understood what is going on outside the country. riots started. Some collaborators of Ceausescu used the army to fight against him and his party. The conflict then was about this two groups. He tried to escape and finally was captured by the army and was immediately sent to trial directly
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