Comparative Look at Action Research Essay

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Comparative Look at Action Research: Application 1 Lona Burch Walden University Dr. Cindee Easton Action Research for Educators (EDUC - 6733R - 1) January 9, 2011 Comparative Look at Action Research Based on my prior knowledge and this week’s resource, I see a little clear why action research can help me address the needs of my students better. This week I have learned the difference between action research/teacher inquiry and education traditional research. Also, I have learned the relationship between action research and teacher professional growth and decision making. Last, I have been able to see what teacher inquiry/action research look like, how they are similar and different. I have discovered this week that…show more content…
At this point in my personal education and with the current economy, I feel that this is a course that is wasting time for teachers today with all the pay cuts, class size increases, and furlough days. Currently I go to school only the days my students go to school. All my planning is done at home after hours and unpaid therefore; what teacher has time for active research? | |Action Research Study #1 |Action Research Study #2 |Action Research Study #3 | |Questions | | | | |Who is the author of the study (i.e., insider or|insider - teacher |insider- teacher |insider- teacher | |outsider, researcher or teacher)? | | | | |What is the title of the action research study? |“Understanding high school black male |“Understanding high school black male |“The mother tongue: The role of | | |students’ achievement and school experience.” |students’ achievement and school
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