Comparative Management

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Comparative management 1st chapter 1) What do you mean by comparative management? Comparative management is the identifying, measuring and interpreting the similarities’ and differences among managers behavior, techniques followed and practices applied as found in various countries .... J.R Terry Comparative management defined as studying and analysis of management in different environments and the reasonss that enterprises show different result in various countries..... Knootz and Weihrich The main theme is_ Identify, masseure and interpreate the various countries management procedure. 2) Difference between comparative management and international management. 1) Comparative mgt in a border concept. It deals with…show more content…
Selling tacties very according to customer and market situations. 2. SUPPLIERS: Every organization buys inputs-raw materials, services, energy, equipment and labor-from the environment and uses them to produce output. Advances in inventory control and information processing have also changed supplier relationships. Some companies keep zero inventory, relying on several “just-in-time” deliveries each day. 3. GOVERNMENT: The doctrine of laissez-faire, developed in the eighteenth century, holds that a government should exert no direct effects on business, but should limit itself to preserving law and order, allowing the free market to shape the economy. By the beginning of the twentieth century, however, abuses of business power led the U.S. government to take on the role of “watchdog,” regulating organizations to protect the public interest and ensure adherence to free-market principles. 4. SPECIAL-INTEREST GROUPS: Special-interest groups (SIGs) use the political process to advance their position on a particular issue such as gun control, abortion or prayer in the public schools. 5. CONSUMER ADVOCATES: The modern consumer movement dates from the early 1960s, with President Kennedy’s announcement of a “Consumer Bill of Rights” and Ralph Nader’s crusade against General Motors corsair. One framework for understanding the consumer movement is
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