Comparative Media: Alice in Wonderland

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In todays world most are familiar with the story of Alice in Wonderland, though, admittedly, most are more familiar with the Disney movie than the actual book by Lewis Carroll. Tho both are captivating in their imagination, the bear some striking similarities and differences. The movie and the book have to be different, as they are different mediums and can convey different things. In 1951, Disney, a company well-known for animating favorite fairy tales, animated the well-loved story of Alice who fell down the rabbit hole and into a new world as she slept. The world she fell into however was a bit different than in the book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The movie could show more than the story could describe, and the movie covered more than just what was in that one book in order to create a fuller world then what was provided in teh one book, the producers decided to include elements from Alice through the Looking Glass as well. Lewis Carroll was not only a writer, but a mathematician as well. When he wrote the stories about Alice, Carroll wanted to make sure proportions remained intact and he wanted to focus more on Alice’s story than the world creation. Though we get vivid details about the rabbit-hole world, it takes more space to describe this in written form than in picture form. While at the same time it can sometimes take longer for dialogue to play out on screen than on the page depending on cadence and speaking rate in the film. Not only that but it
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