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Comparative paper on Macbeth, Throne of Blood, and Final Destination
Aníbal Ferreira
Oriana Gutiérrez

On every single text there are many elements to be analyzed, interpreted and at the same time compared with another text, which may present the same or a similar topic. On this paper examples are presented in order to illustrate the similarities and differences founded in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Kurosawa’s Throne of blood, and also the film Final destination directed by James Wong, considering mainly the topic of unavoidable destiny.
Keywords: Macbeth, Throne of Blood, Final Destination.

Comparative paper on Macbeth, Throne of Blood, and Final Destination

“Fate has a way of charting its own course…but before
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1614) it is then when everything starts changing. In general, some people will ask about Macbeth’s decision and if his destiny will be different if he did not listen the witches. As a result, the reader can infer that the main influence of Macbeth is the prophecy and if he did not choose the way to become a king, he would not kill the king or committed other sins. As the equivalent for this part of the text, in Throne of Blood, the initial calmness is broken when Washizu and Miki is riding their horses through the forest, looking for the web spider’s castle, moment in which they found a spirit in the forest that tells them that Washizu will eventually become the Great Lord of the Spider’s web Castle, and Miki will become Commander of the First Fortress and his son one day shall rule the Spider’s web Castle causing the same effect as the witches in Macbeth (00:11:50 - 00:19:50).
Finally, in the movie Final Destination, Alex has a premonition about a huge accident, in which his airplane explodes and as it appears in the minute 00:15:02-00:15:28, all the passengers die including him of course. So, Alex starts realizing that some of the facts that he saw in his premonition are becoming true in the present. In consequent, his main intention is to avoid his premonition; he does not want this dream to become true. He says to everyone that the airplane will explode and everyone is going to die. Then,
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