Comparative Politics Final Exam : Why Are Some Countries Wealthier Than Others?

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Comparative Politics Final Exam
Why are some countries wealthier than others? Is it possible for poorer nations to ‘catch up’ or is this not the best way to approach this issue?

One of the most controversial issue facing our world regarding why some countries are wealthier than others. It is astonishing that in this modern era, there are some families unable to provide food, educational opportunities and medical care as well as simple day to day basic necessities. According to the World Bank, more than one fifth of the world’s population live under less than one or two dollar a day. The per capita income in the highest countries is more than sixty times the per capita income of the lowest income countries. While most developing countries struggle with low national income yet other nations like China, U.S and many Western countries are thriving with one of the highest national income rates in the world. There are several perspectives on this issue and there is not only one solution to the problem. For the purpose of my argument I will focus on the foundations in which these countries were created upon.
Institutions such as government and other organizations play an essential role in explaining why some nations are richer than others. In ensuring economic growth, government can provide political stability that reduces crime, poverty and income inequality. In addition, providing public services such as roads and other infrastructures that can help protect and control the…
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