Comparative Public Administration

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Objectives 1ntrod;uction What to Compare? Levels of Analysis The Range of Comparative Studies
5.4.1 54.2 5.4.3 5.4.4 5.4.5 Inter-institutional Analysis Intra-national Analysis Cross-national Analysis Cross-cultural Analysis Cross-temporal Analysis


Nature of Comparative Administrative Studies
5.5.1 Nonnat~ve E~npirical to 5.5.2 Ideographic to Nomothetic 5.5.3 Non-ecological to Ecological

5.6 Scope of Comparative Public Administration 5.7 Significance of Comparative Public Administration '5.8 Conceptual Approaches in Comparative Public Administration
5.8.11 Bureaucratic Approach 5.8.2 Behavioural Approach 5.8.3 General Systems Approach 5.8.4 Ecological Approach 5.8.5 Structural
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Though the studies of macro level are rare, they are not impossible to be taken up. Generally, the relatisnsl~ip between an administrative system and its external environmentme highlighted in the macro level studies. The middle-range studies are on ckrtain important parts of an administrathe system that are sufficiently large in size and scope of functioning. For insthce, a comparison of the"structure of higher bureaucracy of two or more nations., s comparison of agricultural administration in two or more countries or a comparison of' local government in different,countries will form part of middle-range studies.

Micro studies relate to comparisons of an individual organisation with its counterparts in other setting's. A micro study might relate to an analysis of a small part of an administrative systein, such as the recrukment or training system in two pr more administrative organisations:Micro studies are m0.m feasible to be undertaken and a,large number of such studies have been conducted by scholars.of PublicA~ninisaation. th; In contemporary Con~parative Public Administration, all the three types of studies mexist.

Another relevant question that arises is what is the range of comparative administrative studies? What type of sttidies arepnerally included in this realm? In fact, the scope of Comparative Public Adminjstration~atudies so'wide that a variety or analysis farm part of is this branch of knowledge.


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