Comparative Religions Encyclopedia Of The Jewish People

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Comparative Religions Encyclopedia Kenneth Ayres period 1 A. Abraham: Abraham and the individuals that followed him and believed what he believed, were the founders of judaism. The history of the jewish people goes back to the bronze age, somewhere in the middle east. God had provided a nomad leader for the people, and he was named Abraham. Allah: Allah is literally the islamic word for god. Allah is the only god of the Islamic religion. Allah has no gender, and allah is used as respected and dignity, and believe allah is the only god. The islamic people believe that he is the sustainer, healer, and protector. B. Buddhism: Buddhism is as spiritual faith that traditional focuses on own personal spiritual development. This faith strongly believes on the concept of karma and teaches about it from the youngest age. Baha’I: Baha’I is one of the youngest of worlds major religions of today. It was founded by Bahá 'u 'lláh in Iran in 1863.(Bbc religions) Through this belief god is transcended through the teaching of his prophets. C Candomble: Candomble is especially popular in Brazil and is based on African beliefs. it has as many as two million followers. Christmas: Christmas is a christianity holiday that marks the birth of Jesus Christ. It is on the twenty-fifth of December. D David: David is known as the first king of Jerusalem back which is now known as the Golden area. He is known as a sweet singer of the country Israel, and as a great fighter.

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