Comparative Religions : Native Americans And The Africans

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Week 2
Comparative Religions W01
Dr. Tim Davis

Question 1: While the Native Americans and the Africans inhabited two different continents, their belief system has a plethora of similarities pertaining to their core values. The basis of their religion also, in some ways, epitomizes modern day religion such as rites of passage. Their differences are shallow in context when it comes to what they view as sacred and holy and including religious rituals that are performed for a specific reason or transformation. Both Native American and African mythologies center around the ideology of harmony, balance, and cyclical nature of all beings through animistic symbolization. To a certain degree, all outsiders or nonnatives who study the belief systems of indigenous religions have found that indigenous religion is more than just a religion or belief system but rather an inherent way of living. To name or label indigenous beliefs as “religion” or any other is to have a bias based on our own views of transformation and ultimacy. Animism is common among African and Native American religions. It is the belief that all of earth is alive even in the form of spirits or animals. This idea embraces harmony among all living things and that humans are essentially no better than say a fish. If the harmony becomes out of balance, sacrifice or ritual is often performed in order to restore the balance that has been lost. The Native Americans believe that the highest spirit lives in…
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