Comparative Review on Judasim and Christianity Essay

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A comparative review of the Judaic ritual of Yom Kipper equivalent to the Christian ritual of confession: This paper will discuss Judaic ritual of Yom kipper equivalent to the Christian ritual of confession. Consideration will be given to each religion in turn focusing on the historical significance of this ritual culturally and ethically, also how Judaic and Christian practices of atonement are practiced in accordance with biblical scripture. Discussion will focus on Gods laws as written in the Old Testament and New Testament. Contemplating and comparing how close the teachings of both these religions are entwined yet discussing ambiguous scriptures to show how each religion in turn practice certain rituals disparately.
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Genesis (12:1) Religiously Abraham relied on the lord creator of the earth and served no other than one God. Abraham had many tests of faith including the sacrifice of his son which god commanded however’ God intervened and sent an animal in place of his son that is where the sacrifice ritual comes from. Genesis (22:1) “His loyalty and obedience to God showed immense faith all followers of God are expected to demonstrate the same kind of obedience.”W: Lazarus, et al (2008: 27) Abrahams’ son Isaac became Israel and his descendants would follow the law of God. Isaac the son of Jacob and the 12 tribes of Israel followed gods’ vision and where the chosen people by god to spread the word. The tribe of Levi was responsible for religion. Judah was another of the powerful tribal leader whom the name Judaism originated from. God guided the people of Israel through many tribulations at the time of great famine and despair and many sought refuge in Egypt. The pharaoh a new king came to Egypt and oppressed this great nation. God spoke to Moses and told him to deliver the people, Exodus (3:11). Moses delivered the Ten Commandments to the people of Israel on Mount Sinai. God Commandments where specific to the nation of Israel that if the people follow his instructions and rely on him they will always come under gods’ guidance. God made a covenant with the people and it was to be the start of Judaism has a structured religion. The old testament includes all these

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