Comparative Social Policy

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Hong Kong and England have an inseparable relationship with each other. Starting from 1842 to 1997, Hong Kong was one of the colonies under British Empire. The 156 years relationship ended when United Kingdom transferred Hong Kong’s sovereignty to the China government on 1st July 1997. In this period, British government controlled Hong Kong Education and Housing policies but those policies are not as same as England. After the regime shifted to China, Hong Kong government had changed from the old policies. In the project, I will mainly focus on the comparison of the policies after 1997. In the first part, I will introduce the education policy in Hong Kong and England. The following part is the introduction of the housing policy in Hong…show more content…
The Hong Kong government introduced six years compulsory government funded in primary education in 1971. All the primary students need to take the Primary Secondary School Entrance Examination (SSEE) for he selection of candidates who admitted to the Government Secondary School, subsidized secondary schools, grant schools and private secondary schools. In 1978, the governor Murray MacLehose expanded the free compulsory schooling to nine years those six years in primary education and three years in secondary education. SSEE was suspended and Secondary School Places Allocation (SSPA) was introduced. Primary school students need to take Academic Aptitude Test (AAT) if they wanted to apply for government secondary schools or subsidized secondary school. After nine-year compulsory school, students can work or continue their study according to their abilities. There was a 2 years senior secondary school that leads to Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE). HKCEE was compulsory for the students who want to have further study. There were seven grades from A to U for showing the result of HKCEE. If the student got enough marks from HKCEE, they could study 2-year matriculation course and take Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination (HKALE) or Hong Kong Higher Level Examination (HKHLE). HKALE and HKCEE were commenced by Hong Kong Examinations Authority. From 1980s to 1997, Britain Hong Kong government expanded the higher
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