Comparative Study Between Amul and Britannia

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A Dissertation Report on “Comparative study between Amul and Britannia in Bangalore” EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In today’s competitive world while entering in the market it is very necessary to have a good knowledge of the potential of a particular market. The growth of a company is invariably determined not just by its strategy, but on how it responds to the challenges it encounters. Over the years Amul & Britannia have encountered several challenges that have come its way, with innovative responses and continuous improvement. The branded cheese segment of the market has a very wide scope especially in India since it is not yet tapped to its potential, as opposed to countries like France and Italy where this…show more content…
With the increasing role of women in the society as equal as men, the demand for packaged food and ready-to-eat food has increased. Over the medium term, global milk production is forecast to increase in the traditional dairy exporting countries as well as in the emerging countries of South America and Asia, particularly China and India. During the last three decades, our nation's milk producers have transformed. Indian dairying from stagnation to world leadership. India’s dairy market is multi-layered. The socio-economic profile of the consumers, viz. income status, occupational position, educational level, age and region are the major determinants of the consumption patterns of milk. The project studies the patterns of cheese consumption in Bangalore as a comparison between Amul and Britannia competing to be the market leader. The study was conducted amongst 50 retailers (big and small) in Bangalore. Chapter 1 introduces the dairy market as such in India and gives a clear insight of Britannia and Amul’s company profile and history. It also highlights its key products and strategies. Chapter 2 takes the readers through the various researches already been done on this topic and differentiates the project as a study on a very small scale and more detailed. In the next chapter the tools n techniques of conducting the research are mentioned i.e, the research was mainly through primary data via

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