Comparative Study Of Legal Systems

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Comparative Study of Legal Systems Assignment 1 Name Institution Date Comparative Law: An Aid to Legislators Comparative law has several practical applications. This has made it a very key subject in various aspects of law practice and study. Zweigert and Kötz identify four major areas where it has been widely and effectively used . These include being used as an aid to legislators, as a component of the curriculum in universities, a tool of construction and as a contributor to the systemic unification of law. All these areas underscore the importance of the subject. This treatise looks into cooperative law as an aid to legislators. This is done by reviewing and evaluating how it has been used in different countries of the world for legislative purposes and in the molding of the existing legal structures and systems. The topic of the influence of foreign and cooperative law in the legislation process has widely been investigated by several scholars. This is basically done in order to understand how various parliaments use the foreign and comparative law in drafting, discussing and approving new legislations. It is not by chance that a lot of focus has been put in this particular aspect of law but due to the importance of the practice. The application of comparative law in legislation is something that has been in existence for a long time now . Legislators from various regions of the world have always found it hard to come up with certain legislations without
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