Comparative Study of Wegmans’ and Giant's Management Styles

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Comparative Study of Wegmans’ and Giant’s Management Styles and the Effects on their Organizational Culture Leadership and Organizational Behavior Professor Rainwater 20 April 2010 Abstract Organizational culture can be defined as a set of understandings or meanings shared by a group of people that are largely tacit among members and are clearly relevant and distinctive to the particular group which are also passed on to new members (Louis, 1980). A review of two long-time super grocers, Wegmans and Giant, suggests that an organization's culture develops to help it cope with its environment. Wegmans’ has a defined culture that is visible in all aspects of the business and can be considered a major attribute to the…show more content…
This was an enormous change from the original Carlisle Meat Market because it offered customers the opportunity to purchase dry goods and perishables in a modern facility and more importantly, in one place (“Giant Food” Wikipedia, 2010). In 1970, Giant made a strategic decision to compete with larger regional supermarket chains and in so doing purchased the Martin’s chain. With 24 stores now in operation, this made it more difficult for the Javitch family to personally supervise the operations. At Wegmans, third generation Colleen Wegman serves as its president and references that the main goal of their business is to make Wegmans a great place to shop and a great place to work—good people working together towards a common goal is the main objective (“Hiring Practices”, 2010). Currently at Giant, Nick Riso is appointed President and Lee Javitch, David's son, assumed the position of Chairman (“Giant Food”, Wikipedia, 2010). Giant is a company that describes their philosophy as teamwork, diversity, customer service, and community service. Unfortunately, Giant does not provide us with its core values as Wegmans does. It is known today that core values are important to any organization because it is a set of rules that the company operates off of as well as hold each employee of the company accountable. Wegmans’ employees are empowered by their core values whereas Giant employees can only

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