Comparative Study on Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox

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Gaming has come a long way along the years. Right from the beginning when 8bit was cool and colorful games meant everything to the present where consumers seek better graphics, 3Dimensional gameplay and online gaming. The market for Video Game consoles has now become very wide, but at the same time Sony and Microsoft remaining the two main players of the market. So we could say the market runs on a duopoly system. Sony and Microsoft, the cutthroat competitors in this field have brought video-games to this level. They’ve always been competitors and went head to head with their products and upgrades to those products. For each new release by Sony, Microsoft had a close competing machine coming up, and vice versa. Through this…show more content…
The PSone went on to outsell all-other consoles, including its successor, throughout the remainder of the year. It featured two main changes from its predecessor, the first being a cosmetic change to the console and the second being the home menu's Graphical User Interface; a variation of the GUI previously used only on PAL consoles up to that point.
PlayStation 2

Original PlayStation 2 console (left) and slimline PlayStation 2 console with 8 MB Memory Card and DualShock 2 controller (right).
Released in 2000, 15 months after the Dreamcast and a year before its other competitors, the Xbox and the Nintendo GameCube, the PlayStation 2 is part of the sixth generation of video game consoles, and is backwards-compatible with most original PlayStation games. Like its predecessor, it has received a slimmer redesign, and was also released built into the PSX DVR and the Sony BRAVIA KDL22PX300 HDTV. It is the most successful home console in the world, having sold over 155 million units sold as of December 28, 2012. On November 29, 2005, the PS2 became the fastest game console to reach 100 million units shipped, accomplishing the feat within 5 years and 9 months from its launch. This achievement occurred faster than its predecessor, the PlayStation, which took "9 years and 6 months since launch" to reach the same figure. PlayStation 2
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