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Comparative Summary HCS/577 June 8, 2013 Destiny Chen Stephanie Hildreth Comparative Summary In the health care industry there are different types program sector organizations, which has its own uniqueness. The different sectors of health care are divided amongst the for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations because they all have a common goal but the financial aspect is the same when it comes to providing care to patients. Within the three types of organization types, the financial need is collected and reported differently due to the organization common goal, financial environment and community outlook. In my research, to give a clearer picture I have chosen an organization that represents each health care sectors…show more content…
The owner of the organization distributes the profits that are received from this hospital. Park Plaza has an committee of investors, which are usually flow doctors who may invest choose to invest there portion in their private practices or just use the excess funds for an increase in their personal income. The primary objective of this for-profit organization is the collect revenue that makes profit. Park Plaza Hospital does no recognize charitable sources because to them the primary responsibility is that of the patient (Burns, 2012). The American Diabetes Association a not-for-profit organization structures is politically ran on donations from charities and local community organizations (American Diabetes Association). The donations that are received have to be accounted for and reported to the government (American Diabetes Association). The Department of Veterans Affairs a government organization structure is ran by the government and their rules (U.S Department of Veteran Affairs). The financial structure of government ran organization is largely affected because of the expense used to run the organization can drive up revenues (U.S Department of Veteran Affairs). The organization differences weighs big depending on the type of organization entity. Each and every organization type depicts the financial structure due to the needs of the organization. Financial Uniqueness The in uniqueness
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