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Comparative Summary * Health care financial environments most common are for- profit, not-for-profit, and government funding. This paper identified one entity from each of these health care financial environments, described the financial structure of each financial environment, identified policies unique to each financial environment, identified financial management practices prevalent in the financial environment, and explained why effective financial management is more difficult in health care than in other industries. The first one is Health Management Associates, Inc. founded in 1977 to own, lease and manage hospitals throughout the United States (Health Management Associates, 2011). Today HMA operates fifty nine hospitals in…show more content…
As a non-profit hospital MPM is required to provide a certain amount of free health care to people who have no health insurance or who cannot afford to pay for hospital care. Whether providing charity care to the uninsured or underinsured, dedicating resources to local free clinics, or hosting health education classes and support groups, MPM continuously gives back to the community (Morton Plan Mease, 2011). For profit organizations like HMA have owners (stockholders) of the business who are well defined and they exercise control of the firm by voting for directors, the residual earnings of the business belong to the owners, and are subject to taxation at the local, state, and federal levels (Gapenski, 2008). Also for-profit hospitals are not required to have a charity program however under anti-dumping laws; all hospitals with emergency rooms must treat people who are diagnosed by licensed physicians as requiring emergency services, regardless of their ability to pay. Government owned hospital funding is from local, state, and/or federal governments. Some of the government hospitals are meant to provide healthcare services to the poor and uninsured patient, JAHVH provides services only to veterans. As well government owned hospital are not
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