Compare Achilles And Achilles

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In Homer’s “The Iliad”, we come across Achilles and Hector. Both characters are seen as brave soldiers of great honor, yet they have very different opposing traits. Hector is a compassionate man, who would do anything possible to fight for his family. While Achilles on the other hand, though he can be compassionate, he is also a man of immense pride who can be selfish and would do anything to protect his honor, even at the cost of others demise or destruction “…Achilles’ rage, Black and murderous, that cost the Greeks Incalculable pain…” (Homer 5). Achilles is more of a loner, only thinks of himself when making decisions, hence hurting people. However, they both have shown other sides to their personality that we are not familiar with like…show more content…
He had a more genuine reason to not participate in the war but he chose to fight for his family and his city instead. Hector has a wife and a son, and could have chosen to stay with them instead of fighting the battle that his brother started after abducting Helen. However, Hector knew he had an obligation to fight for his city, hence did not run away from his responsibilities. His wife Andromache begged him to stay when he visited her and their son because she was afraid that he would die at the battlefield “Your courage Is going to kill you, and you have no feeling left for your little boy or for me” (Homer 430). Hector advised Andromache that he could not run away from his fate. If he was destined to die in the battlefield, then there was nothing he could do to change that, he also told her that he was doing this for her and Astyanax, their son, because they might end up as slaves if he is not successful. Hector could have told his father and Paris that he was not going to get involved in the war since he did not personally cause it, just like Achilles told Agamemnon “I don’t have any quarrel with the Trojans, they didn’t do anything to me to make me come over and fight” (Homer 160). However, he is a man of reason and feels a sense of duty that overpowers any fears he has and prevents him from making any selfish decisions. Being selfish however, is one of the bad traits that Achilles has. His selfishness is brought about by his pride. When the
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