Compare Aeneas and Odysseus in Their Role As Leaders And Prospective

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Compare Aeneas and Odysseus in Their Role As Leaders And Prospective

Virgil's 'Aeneid' and Homer's 'Odyssey' are two very different stories, told from opposing viewpoints: that of the Trojans in 'The
Aeneid,' and of the Greeks in 'The Odyssey.' The two leaders, Aeneas and Odysseus, that feature are therefore very different in their approach to leadership. However, despite their differences they both rise to the challenges set to them as true leaders.

In each work, the first time the great leaders feature, the first impression given of each is hardly one of a strong leader and future hero. When we first meet the Greek hero, Odysseus, he is sitting on a rock despairing on the island of Ogygia, where the demi-goddess
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This gives us the impression he was perhaps not such a caring leader as Aeneas. It is not that he appears a selfish leader in the flash backs, but we must remember that
Odysseus himself is telling the stories and may well have enhanced his own greatness. A clear example of him putting his own safety before his men's is when they reach Circe's island and he sends one of his men to check the island for any possible hostilities.

Aeneas and Odysseus's aims in the works are similar in the sense both men wish to reach their homeland. However, Aeneas is not trying to reach Troy but a found a new homeland for his race, which makes his journey appear much more of a challenge. However, we learn from
Odysseus account that his journey has been far from easy. He has faced many fearful creatures and challenges, and been detained in Ogygia for eight years before finally being allowed to reach home. In his encounter with the Cyclops, he is shown to be a very shrewd, cunning leader. He manages to contract a plan to escape from the Cyclops cave before any more of his rapidly deteriorating army are eaten. He is clearly very passionate for success and kleos, which was a typical
Greek characteristic. It is no doubt that his respect for
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