Compare And Contrast A Fabricated Mexican And The Girl In My Town

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How is A Fabricated Mexican different from The Girl in My Town? These books are about two characters that come from Mexican families and live in an impoverished place in America. Both families work hard to make their life better by overcoming their struggles and escaping their family’s poverty. Although each family is Mexican, they have their own different lifestyles: school, life with their fathers, and adulthood. The protagonists in each story, Ricky Coronado in A Fabricated Mexican and Angela Morales in The Girl in My Town, have many differences. While they are both raised in immensely poor economic conditions, with many life struggles, they both ultimately overcome their struggles and find much success. For instance, when they grow up, they become teachers and have money. Ricky (A Fabricated Mexican) and Angela (The Girl in My Town), both come from hard working families, but Angela’s family earns more money than does Ricky’s. In the book, A Fabricated Mexican, Ricky Coronado and his family work in the fields and earn insufficient money. In contrast, Angela Morales and her family own Raymor Electric, her parents’ appliance store. The family benefits from selling appliances and earning sufficient money. Unlike Ricky, Angela does not have to work hard.
As students, Ricky Coronado and Angela Morales experience contradiction of their school education. According to the book, A Fabricated Mexican by Rick P. Rivera, Ricky learns to play baseball at his school. The author

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