Compare And Contrast A Gristmas Carol And Gran Torino

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Charles Dicken’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ and Clint Eastwood’s ‘Gran Torino’ both present leads that identify with and notice power across the texts. A separation of power is explored in both, although the cinematic message of ‘Gran Torino’ being prejudice towards those with a lower sense of power and the contrast of social classes in ‘A Christmas Carol’. Additionally, the texts align in their presentation of masculinity, a central form of power apparent. However, while both emphasise the power of knowledge and its ability to mould the lives of those around them, Dicken’s highlights how this ability can help one’s self and their own future to a further extent. The separation of social classes across both texts is highlighted by differences …show more content…

Another development of power can be seen in the male leads in both of the texts, in the form of what it means to be a male, including times where both men didn’t align with this stereotype. Eastwood presented characters that followed typical masculine characteristics, whether it be a main or minor addition. Notably, Walt held onto his possessions, such as the Gran Torino and his tools, that he controlled and was clearly protective of, as he only shared them with Thao. Additionally, he utilised fear tactics and aggression when stopping the gang from hurting Sue, claiming “I am that person that you don’t mess with”, before threatening them. Similarly, the barber is highlighted as a masculine figure; conversing with Walt with confidence and power, that mocked the less masculine Thao in his attempts. Similarly, Scrooge also acts in a protective way, refusing to share his wealth and constantly working to put himself in a higher position in society. While both protagonists transformations initiate a cascade effect on those surrounding them, in a generally positive way; Dicken’s focuses on the power of knowledge aiding one’s own life, over others. Scrooge was placed into a situation where he had to see his future, and it was emphasised that this was unstable - through the ambiguous appearance of the “Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come”. The knowledge that he had gained evidently had power, on both Scrooge’s future actions and the Cratchit family.

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