Compare And Contrast Absolutism And Democracy

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In order for a society to survive, there must be some type of government. Different governments vary in the way they are run. A democracy and absolutism are completely opposites. One gives the power to the people where as one has a ruler that will complete power. This paper will describe characteristics in both democratic rule and absolutism and also explain a citizen’s role in each form of government. A democracy is a form of government in which the citizens vote and hold power in the government. The ruler alone cannot make major decisions. There are two types of democracies, a direct democracy and a democratic republic. Within a direct democracy, decisions are made directly from votes, simply majority rules. Within a republic, the citizens elect represents to be the voice. Democracies tend to give more freedom, equality, and respect to its individual citizens. Nelson Mandela once proclaimed, as the first ruler of an equal, democratic government, “Let there be justice for all. Let there be peace for all.” (Inaugural Address, May 10, 1994) He firmly believed that every citizen, no matter their look, size, or race, should be treated with the same respect as a wealthy lord. He knew that the best way to achieve equal citizenship and for the power to…show more content…
Inside a democratic republic, citizens are expected to vote on a representative to act as their voice. Public officials are excepted to not work for only themselves, but the society as a whole. The Japanese Constitution of 1947 states that within the democracy you are excepted to treat your neighbors with respect. The roles of a citizen completely shift as you move into an absolute monarch. Citizens under absolute control are expected to pay up to the rulers. As a result of the ruler becoming ruler through heredity, no citizen can vote in their ruler. Also, citizens are not allowed to take part in any governmental
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