Compare And Contrast All Summer In A Day

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In the short film All Summer In a Day, there is a classroom full of children on a planet very similar to Earth. This story is taking place in the future and on a very dismal planet. The sun only shines once a year and only for a couple hours. On this planet it rains all day, every day. All of the children flock together to see the sun when it shines but one kid in particular is very loving of the memory of the sun. All of the children are too young to remember the sunlight except for the one, Margot. Margot was born on Earth and is older than the other children so she remembers the sunlight very faintly. William is jealous that Margot can remember the sun being out and he cannot. Therefore william picks on Margot by bringing her hope down and…show more content…
What the short story and the short film have in common are that Margot still get bullied by her peers because she has faint memories of the sun. They both take place in the same setting and it rains all year except for the one day when the sun shines. In both, margot gets locked into a closet which leads to her not being able to see the sunlight. The film and the story are fairly similar and have many similarities and many differences as well. The story and the film differ when the story did not state what happened after they let Margot out of the closet when the film gave a little more insight on what Margot did and how she felt when they let her out of the closet. The story did not show that the children collected the flowers as something to remember the sun by when the film did.\ In conclusion I feel that the film was a great addition to the story and helped a great amount to the understanding of what was happening. Both the film and the story had their similarities but they both came to the same conclusion point. All in all I think that the the film and the story summarized the plot very strongly and that they were very detailed in describing all of the conflict between the different
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