Compare And Contrast Ancient Greek And Rome

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Thesis: The Greek influence of outstanding culture, gods, and their beautiful art to the Romans’ they took this inspiration on to their own creation. Both ancient build devotion to their gods they would bring the most precious things to them temples, however, they would focus on making large empire to rule and to take control of their city-states.
Ancient Greek and Rome started out as small city-states they both grew into large empires. From the similar roles they agree on religion, both ancient civilizations approach quite successful. Ancient Greek and Roman admit being polytheistic, adoration of many gods and goddesses. Devotions to all the gods increase importance of recognition of their honorable deeds when they were alive. Donald L. Wasson said, “At the end of the day were concerned with the relationship between the gods and humans, differing in this regard from fairytales and folktales.” They thought that performing sacrifices and rituals would satisfy their gods they would gain protection from the bad vibes.
Ancient Greece focused on their religion, but they demonstrate different a government. Ancient Greece focuses on having monarchies until democracies came along. Monarchy did not work well for the Greek because they did not want to worship one ruler they wanted the entire population to agree. The Greek acknowledges that their gods would offer protection and guide their city-states for a better government. Greek ceremonies and rituals indicate mainly performed at
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