Compare And Contrast Andrew Jackson Vs Mccormick

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In 1828, Andrew Jackson was elected President of the United States. This moment brought forth both positive and negative reactions. Most historians agree that it was a pivotal moment in American history, but many disagree on what it truly represents. In The United States: 1830-1850, Frederick Jackson Turner discusses how Jackson becoming president represents the triumph of democracy and of the common man. In The Presidential Game: The Origins of American Presidential Politics, Richard P. Mccormick discusses how Jackson’s election represents the triumph of the two-party system and of campaign culture (both of which he seems to consider detrimental). Both arguments recognize the importance of Jackson’s election, but they draw different conclusions,…show more content…
Jackson was a war hero because of his defeat of the British in New Orleans in 1812. He was a product of the frontier West, a self made man. Up until his election, the presidents had been from Virginia and New England, and were from the elite class that had dominated the government since America began. Turner brings up how many historians perceive Jackson’s election as a “solid South” electing a “Southern” cotton planter and slaveholder to office. He then proceeds to refute this perception by stating that in 1828, Tennessee (where Jackson lived) was considered part of the west. In fact, most of the states that supported him were considered to be western states. So Jackson wasn’t just a rich slave owner representing the other rich slave owners of the South. He represented the people of the frontier, who had more progressive democracy. The western states, which were newer than the coastal states, had from the start placed more political power in the hands of the people. Turner then states that because of Jackson’s election, the West gained more political power. Turner asserts that this brings about “a democracy which preferred persons to property, an active share by the people in government to the greater system…” (373). Turner emphasizes the positive effects of Jackson’s election: the rise of the common man and the solidification of American

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