Compare And Contrast Anime And Anime

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In recent years, animated programs have dominated the world of film and TV in both America and Japan. These programs, known as cartoons and anime, are some of the most popular forms of entertainment today. Anime and cartoon shows, such as One Piece and Family Guy, have been running for decades and are very well known among society. Animated films such as Disney’s The Lion King and Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away have also thrived and even surpassed animated television shows in some instances. Both American and Japanese animation industries have flourished, and their cartoons and animes continue to grow in popularity. However, similarities and differences between the two soon arise when compared closely; these observations are often what lead fans to prefer one style over the other as well as shape pop culture. Anime and cartoons had very similar origins. Gertie the Dinosaur from 1914 is considered the first American cartoon. Japan’s first anime is not as clear, but many believe it to be 1917’s An Obtuse Sword. Both of these animated features were short, silent, and black-and-white. Their rise in popularity and introduction of the style of animation seen in the modern world did not begin until their “Golden Age” of animation. In the US, the “Golden Age” was from the 1920’s to 1960’s; this was when Walt Disney created his own animation studio and began to put out longer cartoons with sound and color. Snow White from the late 30’s was Disney’s first big feature film hit. In the
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