Compare And Contrast Araby And A & P

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In “Araby” by James Joyce and “A&P” by John Updike the narrators who are also the main characters both have interesting appearances with love. “Araby’s” narrator is a boy who lives on a street that is creepy and not many people live on it. “A&P’s” narrator is a boy named Sammy who works in a store called the A&P. Both of these character have a crush on a girl who they see very often or only on a one time occasion. These girls are older than the main characters and the main characters thinks these girls are the most beautiful person they have ever seen. They try to impress these girls by doing things they eventually regret. These stories have similar love and relationship ideas about the narrators and their crushes, including the way they talk about their love for the girls, the way they try to win them, and how they fail to get their attention. They way they talk about their love is similar because they both describe her as the most beautiful thing that has ever lived. In “Araby” the narrator says “Her dress swung as she moved her body, and the soft rope of her hair tossed from side to side” (Joyce 1). This shows how he thinks she looks like an angel. Another example…show more content…
They regret what they did in that day. In “A&P”, Sammy’s parents will not be that happy when he gets home and when the narrator from “Araby” gets home he will not be happy either. This is shown when he says “Gazing up in the darkness I saw myself as a creature driven and derided from vanity; and my eyes burned with anguish and anger” (Araby 5). This describes how he is mad and confused on what happened that day. He is also confused on his relationship with Mangan's sister. Sammy felt like he had a relationship with the girls when he had no relationship at all. Both of these characters felt like they had a relationship going until they tried to be there unsuspected hero which did not work out for either
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