Compare And Contrast Autumn And Winter

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Both autumn and winter are special times of year.

Whether you call it autumn, fall, that one season after summer with the cool leaves, or anything else, it has place in all our hearts. Winter may be disliked by some for the harsh weather and cold atmosphere, but I love all winter has to offer.
I love late fall and early winter because of the holidays and the traditions they bring, the soft snow, and winter break.
Holidays are times full of family, games, and celebration. They’re designed to be fun and memorable experiences to commemorate different concepts, and they certainly do it well.

October 31st is a time of the spooky and kooky, people of all ages decorating their homes, inside and out. Anyone and everyone can decorate in any way they please. Whether cartoony, gory, realistic or outlandish, there’s a way to spice up your residence for everyone.
Pumpkin carving is long held practice, people once upon a time adorning gourds and turnips too. With new technology, it’s easy to utilize dry ice, projectors, and sound effects for maximum impact, but it’s always nice to return to simple homemade decorations.
When you think of Halloween, you probably think of trick or treating. Putting on a costume is a thrill like no other! The classics will always have a special place in my heart, but there are recourses to dress up as anything. Outlandish or understated, trick or treating holds a special place in my heart.
Christmas time for Christmas cheer! Hear those sleigh bells
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