Compare And Contrast Baseball And Football Essay

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Soccer and Baseball are very common. Baseball has very many popular dead or still standing players. Soccer or football is common in many parts of the world. Over 150 countries have made it the most popular sport. Baseball has many different standards than football. Some think that football is the best/most played game in the world. Others think that baseball is because of many of the things that it has broken.
First is the players. Soccer has roughly 11 players on the field. Each person has a position. In soccer players are divided in 3 positions on the field. First are the defenders, next are the forwards, and last are the midfielders. Baseball on the other hand has 9 players. The team on offense sends up a batter and the team on defense go out to the field and wait until the batter hits the ball. The team on defense also sends a pitcher to throw the ball to the batter. If the batter misses 3 times, he/she is out. If he makes
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In soccer the coach can change what position each player is going to be. There can be more players as midfielders than forwards or have more defense if the enemy has more forwards. In baseball the coach can’t really make any changes unless there was something foul. The players are summed up like this; the team on defense has most of its players towards the outfield while the pitcher is in the middle if the “diamond”. The team on offense have the nine players bat. If the player hits the ball really high and one of the catchers catch it, then he’s out, but if he makes it to base before he’s not out. These rule are mostly in all of the moves the players make. The ball they play with has a big difference. In soccer and baseball you play with a sphere type ball. But in soccer you have fairly big ball and in baseball, the ball is small. The designs on a soccer ball have pentagon black and white shapes on it. In baseball, the ball has two stripes that are red, and the rest of the ball is
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