Compare And Contrast Ben Franklin And The Lightning Rod

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the lightning rod was not made by Benjamin Franklin. As this paper has mentioned earlier, Benjamin Franklin has contrived some electrical phraseologies that are still widely used today even though his theories are now outdated or proved to be wrong. For instance, even ordinary people who have no previous experiences with physics use the terms, including “positive charge”, “negative charge”, “plus”, “minus” and “battery” even though they might not know the meanings of the words accurately. In the era of Benjamin Franklin, people likely to believe that the charges have similar properties as the fluid. Their theories are now called as the fluid theory. At the same time, at the era of Benjamin Franklin, majority of people believed that two charges, “positive charge” and “negative charge”, were different entities. This theory was called as the “two fluid” theory. On the other hand, Benjamin Franklin at that time had a different idea. He believed that two opposite charges are not separate entities. He observed that rubbing into different materials made them charges either negatively or positively. At that time, Benjamin Franklin made a theory that excessive electric fluid makes an electric positively and less electric fluid makes electricity to charge negatively. On the other hand, both fluid theories, including the two fluid theory and the one fluid theory from Benjamin Franklin are now considered as outdated theory. We know now that what makes charges either positively or
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