Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Anglo Saxon Culture

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Many people wonder how you could possibly compare an ancient Anglo-Saxon culture with the sophisticated world that we live in today. Despite numerous cultural and technological advancements, the time of Beowulf and modern day have many similarities. When examining the two cultures closely, it is observed that they have not so much changed as they have evolved. Having an army, fearing literal and hypothetical monsters, and the joy of different forms of entertainment are three of the most common and obvious resemblances. Although, Beowulf took place in the fifth century, our current day society has significant similarities to this time period. Although it was neither necessary nor rarely put to use, Beowulf made sure to always have an army with him at every battle. In modern day America, the US army is made up of trained men and women that protect and serve our country. The narrator explains Beowulf’s cautious choosing of men by saying: So Beowulf chose the mightiest men he could find, the bravest and best of the geats, fourteen in all, and led them down to their boat; He knew the sea, would point to the prow straight to the distant Danish shore (quoted in Beowulf 119-124) Beowulf took his army of men with him on the journey to fight Grendel. The battle with Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon, are all the battles that Beowulf fought tirelessly with his army standing and waiting for orders alongside him. In similarity, today, the Army is made up of more than 700,000
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