Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Anglo Saxon Society

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The Anglo-Saxon society and our modern society, although thousands of years apart these two periods have characteristics in areas that are alike and different in more ways than one. Let us talk about the values and the code of conduct of these two societies. First of all, during the Anglo-Saxon period, fighting is the main solution for them to solve problems and with fighting comes power. Power, power over people, power over land, power over resource and treasures. To them, power is everything and for one person to attain so much power, one must become a hero and perform heroic deeds. An Anglo-Saxon hero is perfectly portrayed by Beowulf who contains values of Anglo-Saxons like bravery, loyalty, honor and the willingness to risk his life…show more content…
While Beowulf is the symbol and representation of heroes in Anglo Saxons, we have multiple personalities who we consider as heroes. People who work, people who dream, people who act. Today, what we people believe in is that if you have money, you have everything. That is why we idolize famous people, celebrities, people with great minds. But the simple truth is, is that we forget who and what kind of people are the true heroes. People like Beowulf who would risk their lives for the good of their loved ones. People who perform random acts of kindness at a time without looking for something in return. If we could just recognize them like we do in celebrities, we may convince the future generation to see them as role models and soon convince them to be like these people who are self-less. All in all, all these are really just to lead us into a better than good…show more content…
He was quite different from our own leader, the “President” because the chieftain was more focused on the military pat of the Anglo-Saxon community. They were the ones who led the army into military expeditions and are the ones who were anointed the position by valor in combat. While the president is the one who managed everything. Just like in the Philippines where our president appoints some of the members of the executive branch while he also manages and responds to the 2 other branches of the Phils. One similarity that I can observe between these 2 periods is the way of implementing law and order. Crime and violence were the central problem during the Anglo-Saxon period, this results to brutal and inhuman punishments brought by the government to these criminals. These punishments went too far and soon concerned the king because the king thought that to many teenagers were being executed for their crime. Meanwhile, in our country, the president doesn’t really give a damn on what his “tauhan” are doing to innocent people. Yes, the brutality is the same but the “on whom” part, that is where there would be
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