Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Princess Diana

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Beowulf and Princess Diana deaths? You may wonder why people compare both of you and maybe never really knew why, but you'll be shocked on how much they slightly have in common. As you read this paper you’ll understand why so many people compare the two deaths To begin with, Princess Diana and Beowulf both had struggled childhood. Beowulf was underestimated and diana had messy divorced parents. Neither of them were born into a royal family so they had no idea what it was like even though Beowulf was adopted and taken care of by King Hrethel, and Diana married to Charles, and became Princess of Whales in 29 July 1981.After this, they both became a big part of the royal family. Although they both lived in different time periods, they shared…show more content…
Beowulf was killing by a monster, and the funeral was held outside. In his funeral, they laid him out on a boat filled with gold treasure that he took for the dragon send him off under a waterfall of lava. As it was passing under a rock of volcanic lava dripped down and caught the boat on fire. Princess Diana was killed in a car accident and was held inside. Four men took her body around the city in a casket so everyone could say good bye. She was then taken to a church where only her close friends and family , and a few other people could attend, to get closer and give their last goodbyes. Lots of people save her flowers out of respect for her family and loved ones. During Beowulf's funeral if you were not there, you had no other way to view the funeral, reither then for Princess Diana , everyone around the world could watch it on tv.
Although they died two completely different ways, they both had family and friends who loved them dearly and had their last goodbyes to say. They both had a priest on sit to say a couple good words about Beowulf and Princess Diana. Since they both played a big role in the society they lived in, they were both highly respected by lots of people and friends. They had the love that every funeral should have and the comfort of other people, which brought others together. Some people looked up to them as some type of inspiration or as hero’s
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Today when a king dies, you have so much protection around you and you'd never be send off in a boat and burned like Beowulf was. Funerals held in todays society is more modern like Princess Diana, with the casket at church, lots of flowers, and being held by four or more people who mean the most to you.Although Beowulf and Princess Diana had different funerals, the way the funeral was gathered together with respect, family , friends and with love, was very similar. Lots people looked up to them as heros , or royalty and won't forget them and what they
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