Compare And Contrast Beowulf And The Canterbury Tales

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To understand the culture of a certain time period, one of the best resources available is not a textbook but a story written from that time period. For example, the story Beowulf, which was written at the beginning of the Middle Ages, is a fantastical story about a man named Beowulf who defeated demonic monsters through heroic acts. Despite the fact that it is fantasy, Beowulf depicts what the local and national government of Scandinavia was at the time, what the religion of the area was, and what human characteristics were seen as most important during that period. Another example of a cultural piece was the story Aeneid which was a Roman story written during the Classical Period. This piece makes the same illustrations of the culture as Beowulf did. Comparing both these stories as well as their characters excellently demonstrates how two pieces from different periods can give an in depth look into the…show more content…
For example, The Canterbury Tales was written in the Middles Ages long with Beowulf. This group of stories, however, was written later than Beowulf was. By comparing these two stories many differences can be found. For example, feudalism changed during Middle Ages. During the late Middle Ages, farming techniques became more effective which meant the lord needed fewer serfs. This was not an issue, though, because the food production was higher than it ever had been. The people who no longer needed to be serfs flocked to towns and cities, which leads to towns and cities growing in size during the late Middle Ages. Another change that occurred was that during the earlier part of the Middle Ages, Islam started to become a very popular religion in the Middle East. During the late Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church started crusades to remove the Muslims from the Holy
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