Compare And Contrast Between Mice Of Men And The Movie Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men Analysis
The movie, “Of Mice and Men” portrays the harsh life of migrant farm workers in the 1930s. Directed and produced by Gary Sinise, it is a heartwarming movie starring John Malkovich (Lennie), Gary Sinise (George) and more. The movie, based off the popular and once infamous novella Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, talks about the working class in the 1930s when the stock market crashed. Overall, the movie depicts aspects of the lower class realistically, and how the two men, George and Lennie, go on their lives. The setting gives the audience a direct point of view of life in the early 1900s. By watching the movie, the viewers know that the plot is often very troublesome, since the two main characters attract trouble.
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Similar to Lennie from the book, he is large, happy, and always childlike. In the movie, he is an unintelligent character, unable to speak clearly, remember things, and process information quickly enough, just like the book describes. On the other hand, George in the movie does not fit expectations. As the book portrays, George as a cautious man, always alert, trying to avoid trouble. However, in the movie, George does not avoid Curley’s wife and insult her as much as he does in the novella. After Lennie and George first saw the wife, George only uses the word “jailbait” to describe her. In the book, he uses a series of derogatory terms to make sure Lennie understands to stay away from Curley’s wife. Later, when the wife joins George in the barn, George does not leave, but speaks to her instead. This will not be the actions of George from the novella; if something similar happened in the written piece, George would have chosen to quickly escape the barn to evade contact with potential trouble.The other minor characters are not depicted too similar or too contrary to our impressions. Candy is old and missing a hand, but he is not tall enough and his missing hand is the wrong hand; Carlson is thick and feeling-less just like the book describes; Curley is small and handy, but not…show more content…
In the novel, the lines “She had full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. Her fingernails were red. Her hair hung in little rolled clusters, like sausages. She wore a cotton house dress of red ostrich feathers.” (Steinbeck, 32) describe the physical appearance of Curley’s wife. In the quote above, we see the color red, a symbol in the novella, mentioned several times. Red often appears on stop signs or traffic lights. In either case, they tell people stop, or else they will suffer consequences. Red attracts attention and causes temptation, but the men around her must resist their desire or pay for their misstep. Curley’s wife, a magnet for trouble, wears this bold and dangerous color. Her presence gives off a warning; avoid her or else pay the price. The color red also reminds the reader of fresh blood, foreshadowing the death of Curley’s wife and Lennie, causing the shattering of George and Lennie’s dream. Yet, in the movie, Curley’s wife does not wear bright red dress; Curley’s wife does not wear red mules with ostrich feathers; Curley’s wife does not use red nail polish. Instead, she often wears white with pink, two much more innocent and pure colors. This detail, despite seeming to be frivolous, is an essential symbol that should not have been left out. Without this detail, the wife’s dangerous and trouble-creating characterization is not as prominent.
Of Mice and Men is a very successful movie; it uses many

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