Compare And Contrast Booker T. Dubois

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Two leaders of Black America There are two ways that you can face an issue; in a passive way or in an aggressive way. Both of these options have been displayed throughout history by two people; Booker T. Washington and WEB. Du Bois. Racial equality has been a big problem throughout history and is still an issue today. Racial segregation was at large from the 1800’s through the 1900’s; where African-Americans were treated unfairly and did not have the same rights as the Whites. During this time African-Americans faced many challenges such as legal, social, and economic issues. Yet many leaders arose during this time. Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois were influential advocates for racial equality during this time. They were both African-American leaders who fought for equal rights for all African-Americans. Although they both fought for the common goal of equality they had different philosophies; Washington believed that African-Americans should accept their situation for the time being and better themselves, while Du Bois believed that they should be actively fighting for their rights. Booker T. Washington believed in the philosophy of self-help and that African-Americans should work on economic self-improvement to eventually fix racial equality. Washington was born in 1856, in Virginia, where he was born a slave and was nine years old when the civil war ended. As a slave he was able to see the issues African-Americans were facing and soon arose as leader and an
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