Compare And Contrast China And Japan

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During the 19th century, after a long period of isolation, both China and Japan underwent social and political changes to open up to foreign trade and interaction with European forces. Both countries eventually signed treaties with Western provinces such as the United States and Great Britain in order to establish a trade relationship to induce and increase commercial trade networks. Even though culture and civilization in China and Japan were fairly similar, both countries had distinct reactions to Western influences in their societies which impacted the way that the two empires developed socially, culturally, politically and intellectually over time.
Whereas Japan accepted Western ideals and even went so far as to emulate them by implementing them into their society, China succumbed to European power because of its reluctance to follow Western influences. Since Chinese officials and rulers in the empire
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Since the West did not infiltrate Japan until the 1850s, around ten years after the first opium war, the Europeans did not focus on westernizing Japan because of its lack of natural resources, small trading network, and lessened demand for Western goods. However, the European powers did focus on China because of their extensive amount of resources and their vast trading network which made them a target for European colonization and imperial rule. During the opium war in the mid 1800s, there were many Anglo-Chinese disputes over British trade in China, the East India Company, and China's sovereignty and judicial equality because it destabilized its Canton system of trading and made a new way for a rise in free-trade imperialism to ensue. These wars between China and the European powers further weakened the Qing Dynasty and decreased China’s deliberate separation with the rest of the
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