Compare And Contrast Coip Vs Bcop

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Hello professor Donald,
I hope all is well. I have received my grades for the BCP VS COOP essay assignment and I am very disappointed in the methods in which you used to grade the essay. I am well aware that the grading rubric was used in grading the paper, however, the rubric standards and the instructions on how to write the paper simply doesn’t match. We are told to write a 4 page paper that compares and contrast BCP VS COOP using a minimum of 750 words and a maximum of 1500 words with 1.5 spaced and 1 inch margins. No disrespect, I have never written a paper that was 1500 words long and ended up with a 4 page paper, let alone using a grading rubric as such. Regardless of that fact, I am under the impression that your grading style is
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