Compare And Contrast Colerridge And Wordsworth

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Imagery has been one of the most pivotal movements in the cultural and intellectual history of English Literature. The comparison is not only among the works of their own rather it also includes the differences and traces of similarity with the works of others writers of different ages. The analysis is done by reading the actual text and interpreting the meaning by understanding the deep phrases hidden in the poetry. Different critics showed different aspects by their research. Some found out merits and some found out demerits in the works of Wordsworth and Coleridge. The merits includes uniqueness, healing power of poetry, and interpretation of their imagination for things whereas the demerits include slack of humour, lack of range and lyricism in their poetry. On a whole Wordsworth and Coleridge works have gained lot of interest and tempted many critics to write on their methods and strategies which they adopted in their work. A new chapter in the history of English poetry opened with the publication of “Lyrical Ballads” which were the results of Wordsworth and Coleridge friendship after the revolution. They included two different kinds of poetry in these ballets. Wordsworth talked about the subjects that were chosen from ordinary life and he…show more content…
Both Shelly and Wordsworth believed in nature as an independent living existence. Wordsworth focused on brood over nature, but in passionate and emotional way. He plunges himself into the very existence of nature. Coleridge’s early nature poetry the moralizing and melancholy mood are clearly visible. Wordsworth influence as well as the influence of German Philosophy. In 1795, Coleridge came in contact with Wordsworth whose influence he most readily revived. What Wordsworth taught him was a much strong and confident acceptance of the faith in the joyousness and joy evoking power of
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