Compare And Contrast Country And Rap Music

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As many people know, country and rap music are the most renowned genres of music in today’s world. Both genres are opposites of each other, but they both are on the edges of mainstream. Country and rap music may stand alone and share binary oppositions such as lifestyles, however rap culture has influenced country music in today’s world which can be seen through the lyrics. In the book “Religion in Hip Hop”, Anthony B. Pinn and Monica R. Miller states, “Now a global and transnational phenomenon — US-based hip hop culture has become a vital component of political, religious, educational, economic progress, relevance, and recognition.” Hip hop is becoming the most vital cultural forces to be known in the world. Many country artists and other artists are starting to focus more on having hip hop in their music such as Florida Georgia Line. Hip hop has made its way up to the top of music and has let listeners realize the culture of Hip hop and how rappers have been raised up in life. Anthony points out, “Over the past two decades, those who have taken up hip hop culture for its intellectual weight and contributions to the cultural life and self-understanding of the United States have come from a variety of methodological disciples” (Anthony Pinn). Hip hop has explored and changed the cultural out looks on today’s ideas. Even though Hip hop has become known for seeing the cultural side of the ideas in their songs, country music has become a native art form. In “Country Music
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