Compare And Contrast Country Music

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There is a big difference in older country music and today’s country music. Older country music tells stories, and today’s just talks about women and getting drunk. If these people did as much drinking as they say they do then we wouldn’t have any new country singers. The newer stuff sounds a lot like hip hop or rap. What does everyone think of when they hear the words country music; that’s what I thought a cowboy. How does everyone picture a cowboy? Is he in skinny jeans and a flat bill hat? No, everyone pictures that fairy tale story about a cowboy and a cowgirl falling for one another. The reason that 90’s country music is better is because, it does not sound like hip hop, it actually tells stories, and it does not just talk about drinking. True country music lovers should want to put an end to “bro country”. Country singers shouldn’t want their music to sound like hip hop or rap. Anyone can bet that they would never hear a Hank Williams Jr. song like that. Some people say that it’s because country is coming to an end. Thanks for people being able to record music, anyone can buy the…show more content…
Pulling a horse trailer, not too many people can do that in New York. Country people have an advantage which is not backing down from anything, and this is what the old country music use to be about. Lane Frost inspired most country musicians in the 90’s. That’s why there used to be so many songs written about bull riding and rodeos. The old stuff use to talk about hard working people, and just real up beat towards work, and nowadays nobody wants to even hear the word work. That’s why all the country music today is about drinking and partying. The newer artist are just trying to draw people into living the way they live. They drink on stage and go to bars in the town after a show. Most people don’t believe that’s what country music is
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