Compare And Contrast Descartes And Leibniz

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The two main variations on the Problem of Evil that Leibniz focused on were the Underachiever Problem (Slacker God) and the Holiness Problem (Bastard God). The former focused on the idea that if God is infinitely omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent, then he would create the best world possible. The best of all worlds would not include evil because God is infinitely omnibenevolent and would never cause evil. The Problem of Evil arises when we look at the world around us and notice that there is not only human evil but also natural evil. Meaning that God is an underachiever and did not create the best of all possible worlds (Leibniz). Modern atheist would use this contradiction to show that God does not exist because God would never create…show more content…
The demon was responsible for all the evil found in the world. To Descartes the evil demon was also responsible for the deception that is found in the world (Descartes). Descartes answer is systematically different for Leibniz because of who is being blamed for the evil in the world. While Leibniz indirectly blamed God for the evil, Descartes blamed an evil demon. This makes sense because Descartes thought that God was omnibenevolent, incapable of committing any evil, and the source of all the good in the…show more content…
There is also no reason to believe that God is measuring how good this world is using human happiness. Humans are not the only species in the world that can feel happiness and we do not know if there are other intelligent sentient beings that God may include in his decision to create this world. I also agree with Leibniz’s ideas on this being the most complex of worlds with the least set of laws. I agree with this because it would support the theist ideas of who God is, this being an infinitely powerful being. In order to show his power God would attempt to create the most complex of worlds with the least set of rules. Think of this as a contest where the winner is the one who makes the longest song with the least set of notes, or the longest video that takes up the least amount of space. God is just trying to show that he is the
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