Compare And Contrast Disney And To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, This quote is expressed the most throughout the novel. This quote sounds relatable to what you read in everyday life, such as fairytales, fables, and sometimes, even reality. It’s the most universal plot found in most books, its almost a cliché and is greatly expressed throughout this Novel. This quote tries to represent how evil usually gets their way in the start, but never wins at the end you’ve probably heard this quote in a few different forms such as, “cheaters never win” or “liars never prosper”, they are all pretty much referring to the same thing. For a more relatable comparison, as an example, Snow White by Disney, it’s a movie that just about everyone has ever watched, The evil which …show more content…

Even though the Lawyer on the case, Atticus, who is father of the narrator, Scout, Clearly proves that Tom is not guilty, since he doesn’t even have a left arm. Even though the jury realizes that Bob Ewell was the one who attacked his daughter, and Tom never raped Mayella, the verdict was still proven guilty only because of Tom’s skin color. Near the end of the novel, Bob Ewell tried to attack the kids of Atticus, Jem and Scout, because he felt humiliated after everyone knew that he cheated his way through the case, Boo Radley who is neighbor of the Finches, whom is also a recurring yet dormant character in the book, tries to defend the kids, and the sheriff, Heck Tate knows that Boo Radley was the one who killed Bob Ewell, he states that he fell on his own knife when he tries to attack the kids, and uses his forsaken innocence as his justification, since Boo Radley never deliberately tried to harm anyone. This example from the novel relates to the quote because Bob Ewell was clearly getting his way, and using society’s racism as his altercation, but then distinctly, was struck with unintentional retaliation, by Boo Radley, a man who never leaves his

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