Compare And Contrast Doris And Eithne

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On page 489, first paragraph, which is the scene when they met first in this story. They act rude to Mary, so I thought these two are really hate her. However, on page 501, fourth paragraph, Eithne she looks like she want to ask her about where did Mary gets her dress. Also on page 511, from fifth paragraph, when O’toole tried to take Mary, Eithne frighten him and saved Mary. Eithne also says bad thing to Mary for example, page 501, she said Mary looks like gipsy. However, I think Eithne is not a bad girl and maybe she wants become close to Mary. On the other hand, Doris might really hate Mary. On page 501, Doris is speak ill for Mary’s dress, also on page 513, Doris called Mary a sneaky country one.
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